The Brainphant Labs are constantly working on new and exciting game projects.

Middleware components for games are being developed in-house and put to test and matured in Brainphant's own productions. As the technology is consolidated, refined and documented, the middleware components will be offered for licensing to other game developers; Brainphant will be available for assisting with integration work.

Previous middleware experience include mini-engines for creating and rendering cloud systems (used in published flight simulators), library functions for smoke trails and other effects, fire simulation and water surface dynamics and rendering, vertex and pixel shaders, continuous level-of-detail terrain rendering engines - and even (when that was still a virtue) full software implementations of rendering pipelines. You will find a description of all this, as well as other game-related work on the C.V.

If you are a game developer yourself, perhaps in the indie game segment, feel free to contact Brainphant for a constructive dialogue on common interests and goals and possibly future cooperation.

Runny Duck

Within only 5 months of one-person, spare-time-only development, the mobile game Runny Duck has been released in February 2019 for IOS and Android!

Vertigo Rogue

After more than a year of development, the Brainphant Labs have completed building a proprietary 3D game framework on the iPhone platform and put it to use in the first in-house production "Vertigo Rogue".

The game is produced completely in-house including design, programming, graphics, sounds and music and is sold worldwide through the Apple App Store.
Descriptions and screen shots can be found on